Thursday, 30 August 2012

Latest News - 2 Days To Go

So who knew that you cannot message your guest list on Facebook now?  Facebook pisses me off more and more every week.

On the bright side, Facebook reckons we have 50 people attending!

However, as I just re-learnt, trust Facebook at your peril.

Anyway, we have an announcement and an opportunity...of sorts.

Firstly Samantha and James are swapping their DJ sets around so the line-up is now:

16:00 - 17:30 Samantha Bond
17:30 - 19:30 KingPinn
19:30 - 21:00 James Winfield
21:00 - 23:00 Sebastian Klone
23:00 - Midnight - James & ???

Secondly James will probably be too ruined to play the last hour by himself (I can say this because I am James) and Samantha cannot be there for the closing hour or two, so we thought it would be nice to open up the opportunity to anyone who fancies playing a couple of tunes.

Two rules:


Wait a minute, make it three rules - NO RIHANNA.


So anyone who fancies playing a couple of tracks, bring a cd or two, or a record or two and make yourself known.

We are not sure what the demand will be so if you want to be guaranteed your 10-15 minutes of Free House Project fame then please ask in advance of Saturday.

Oh and you won't be getting the last two tracks of the evening.

And finally, our third party will be on Saturday 3rd November.  And yes we are looking for DJs.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Interview With Sebastian Klone

Just 5 days until the next Free House Project and I am delighted to bring you an interview with the second guest, Sebastian Klone, who will be playing 9pm to 11pm.

So, what music are we likely to hear you play?
House and tech along many spectrums. Melodic, deep, groovy. I like to change it up, throw a few curve balls here and there!
Who are your favourite DJs at the moment?
I'd say Pan-Pot, Liebing and Steve Bug would be my top 3 right now!
And your favourite producers?
Dusky, Tom Budden, and Andrea Oliva are doing it for me!
What was the first track to get you into house music?
I loved the funky house sound back in the late 90's and early 00's. Nothing really in particular to be honest, far too many!
Do you have any embarrassing records in your collection?
Probably some old trance and hard house tracks which are just awful listening back to them!
What has been your most calamitous DJing moment?
Most probably pressing stop on the wrong cdj! Its happened to the best of us!
And the highlight of your DJ career? Warming up Demi in Calgary last year, great party, great vibe and a great crowd!
Can you cook? What is your signature dish in the kitchen? I cannot cook very well, hence, no signature dish!
Do you like partying?
I do, but rarely do these days as I have a real lack of time unfortunately.
What is the best ever party you have been to in your life?
Cocoon, 2008 in Amnesia. I danced for a good straight 6 hours, which for me is a rarity!
Where were you born?
In the UAE.
Do you have a favourite hidden gem of Reading?
Not any more, Mango used to be my old haunt!
What can you recommend about Slough?
The M4 leading out of there!
Anything else you would like to tell us about? 
You can catch my show on Hoxton FM every Weds from 8-10pm from Trafik Bar in Hoxton Sq.
All my tunes can be found on Beatport too and my sound cloud page!

5 days to go!

Love FHP x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Interview With KingPinn

With just 10 days to go, it is about time to introduce you (or for some of the more regular Reading party-goers, re-introduce you) to KingPinn, who is playing 530-730pm on Saturday 1st September.

So, what music are we likely to hear you play? 
Good House music spanning the genres, much depends on what the weather is doing, who is there etc. Feeling quite a bit of the deep house that's about at the mo, no doubt there will be some soulful beats, lots of disco influences and perhaps a few surprises thrown in for good measure.
Who are your favourite DJs at the moment?
Karizma, Spen (not Sven), Mr V, Grant Nelson, Joey Negro, Andy Ward and Dimitri from Paris all still hit the spot for me.
And your favourite producers?
Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler What was the first track to get you into house music?  I am sure there were others but Jungle Brothers- I'll House You (1988) is a stand out track for me.
Do you have any embarrassing records in your collection?
Plenty :-) But lots more I cherish!
What has been your most calamitous DJing moment?
Oh there have been a few of those but probably the classic of being lost in mix in the headphones and then you realise the silence coming out the speakers....ooopsie!
And the highlight of your DJ career?
Midnight sets on NYE or the sunset set I played in Ibiza....proper goose bumps.

Can you cook? What is your signature dish in the kitchen?
lol nope definitely not.
Do you like partying?
Is that really a question :-)
What is the best ever party you have been to in your life?
Easy Southport Weekender.  An Absolute must do for anyone who knows and loves their house music!
Where were you born?
UK, but spent 5 years living close to Chicago in the early 90s.
Did you move to Chicago just because of house music?!
Nope I had a Tennis Scholarship to a University in Indianapolis  (when I say close it was 3 hours drive away but we still did it quite a few road trip weekends).
What was it like living there?
Indiana was quite conservative although had a great arts district with house and industrial music filtering down from Chicago.
Did it influence your music tastes whilst you lived there?
Certainly did in many ways, people in the local record shop used to give me stuff to preview and review, not always house but I remember vividly an 808 state cassette they gave me which I had on repeat for months in my car
Did you visit any clubs whilst you were out there?  If so, which was the best?
In Indianapolis there was somewhere to go almost everyday of the week but we also did road trips to Chicago quite regularly. The best place I went to there was a place called Shelter (I don't think  it was linked to the one in New York) but proper house music all night and absolutely packed. The queues were the worst thing, that wind coming off the great lakes is absolutely freezing in winter but was always worth the wait once inside.
Do you have a favourite hidden gem of Reading?
Sadly Reading has changed. Probably Milk, or Sahara for a nice cocktail.
Many thanks for Kevin for taking the time to respond to the interview.
There will be another interview with our other guest, Sebastian Klone, to come, and perhaps we might even have a new mix to warm your ears up before Saturday 1st September.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

DJ Announcement For Free House Project 2

Free House Project are delighted to announce the two guest DJs for our next party on Saturday 1st September 2012 (though if you are particularly observant you may have worked it out already).

Firstly playing the 530pm-730pm slot, is Kingpinn.  You may recognise him, or know him, from the TNT house parties from the mid-2000’s in Reading at such venues as the Warwick Arms, Fez Club or latterly, Mango (before it went shit).  Known for playing a mixture of good quality house – if you expect music along the lines of Dennis Ferrer, you shouldn’t go far wrong.  Other priorities in life such as his wonderful young family mean it is a rare treat to hear him out and about behind the decks, that and a lack of venues willing to play good house music.  We hope you approve.

The second guest, is Sebastian Klone, who has recently returned fresh from a spell in Canada, and unlike our previous guest DJ, he can regularly be found playing in and around Reading, and also some warm-up slots in London clubs, along with his weekly radio show on Hoxton FM.  Also well-known for being part of the excellent Lunar parties at Mango a few years back. A slightly more deep, progressive and perhaps at times tech-house kind of style is what he is more known for, and given a 2 hour slot between 9pm and 11pm, will be sure to bring the party to the next level.  He has promised to ditch the laptop and play CDs which is what we like to hear (and the only thing we ask, apart from excellent music).

And of course you still have the two residents, James Winfield and Samantha Bond, playing 4pm to 530pm, and 730pm to 9pm, respectively, and then a back-to-back for the last hour until midnight.

We hope you can join us and help establish Free House Project as a regular house music party, and feel free to add yourself to the list of attendees on Facebook.

Love, FHP x