Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cancelled - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhh!


Shock horror Reading's anti house music conspiracy continues and we are unable to proceed with Free House Project on Saturday.

Reason being that it is too costly for both security hire and sound-system hire at this short-notice, especially given only a moderate interest in the night, which is most likely down to the short-notice that it was arranged at.  Oh and my insistence that it is free entry.

If only I had bought a sound-system when I had the redundancy money back in 2011.  I wish I had had the foresight.

The night HAS to be successful to get the opportunity to do it monthly - it will only grow into what I dream with a regular venture.

It almost definitely will just be a case of postponed and will hopefully be arranged for a later date - and have more time to plan and promote.

Didn't give up at the first hurdle - not fucking giving up at hurdle number 178!

For those who were especially excited about seeing me DJ - I have uploaded a new mix.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

FHP3 - The Relaunch DJs & Set Times Announcement

Hopefully you are aware of the relaunch of Free House Project this Saturday 2nd February, and even better if you are planning on attending - we have DJs.

Firstly we welcome back KingPinn who played a sublime set back in September for Free House Project, a mixture of underground house, disco, soulful house and more.

Also for the first time (well except the keen-eyed amongst you would have noticed that he played a short set towards the end of the September night) we welcome Edd Rimmer who is known for playing house/deep house of the funkier variety.

And of course, your curator and creator extraordinaire, James Winfield.

Set times as follows:

8:30pm - 9pm - James Winfield
9pm - 10pm - Edd Rimmer
10pm - 11:30pm - KingPinn
11:30pm - 0:30am - James Winfield
0:30am - 1am - Who knows?!

As always, we promise the very best in house music.  And a lot of fun.