Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Interview With Sebastian Klone

Just 5 days until the next Free House Project and I am delighted to bring you an interview with the second guest, Sebastian Klone, who will be playing 9pm to 11pm.

So, what music are we likely to hear you play?
House and tech along many spectrums. Melodic, deep, groovy. I like to change it up, throw a few curve balls here and there!
Who are your favourite DJs at the moment?
I'd say Pan-Pot, Liebing and Steve Bug would be my top 3 right now!
And your favourite producers?
Dusky, Tom Budden, Re.you and Andrea Oliva are doing it for me!
What was the first track to get you into house music?
I loved the funky house sound back in the late 90's and early 00's. Nothing really in particular to be honest, far too many!
Do you have any embarrassing records in your collection?
Probably some old trance and hard house tracks which are just awful listening back to them!
What has been your most calamitous DJing moment?
Most probably pressing stop on the wrong cdj! Its happened to the best of us!
And the highlight of your DJ career? Warming up Demi in Calgary last year, great party, great vibe and a great crowd!
Can you cook? What is your signature dish in the kitchen? I cannot cook very well, hence, no signature dish!
Do you like partying?
I do, but rarely do these days as I have a real lack of time unfortunately.
What is the best ever party you have been to in your life?
Cocoon, 2008 in Amnesia. I danced for a good straight 6 hours, which for me is a rarity!
Where were you born?
In the UAE.
Do you have a favourite hidden gem of Reading?
Not any more, Mango used to be my old haunt!
What can you recommend about Slough?
The M4 leading out of there!
Anything else you would like to tell us about? 
You can catch my show on Hoxton FM every Weds from 8-10pm from Trafik Bar in Hoxton Sq.
All my tunes can be found on Beatport too and my sound cloud page!

5 days to go!

Love FHP x