Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Free House Project News

Just a quick update.

Finally we have a fourth DJ, a young rising star from Dartford, more details to come soon.

The next party might not be until September, unless we can find an alternative venue between now and then, so if you have any suggestions let us know.  But it cannot just be held anywhere, the venue needs to have an ethos and general outlook on life similar to the Free House Project.  All being well, subject to success and stuff like that, it will become regular at Milk Bar.

And we have flyers - well actually we have leaflets.  After all the hard work designing with a lot of help from a very good friend, Martin, I managed at 7am rushing before I went to work to order the wrong types.  I had about 20 choices of gsm...what is gsm?  130gsm silk or 200gsm coated or 350gsm gloss, etc, etc.  What the heck is all that about?  I understand now, but only by making a mistake.

Oh well, we have leaflets which is better than nothing, and as I intend on doing things differently then maybe it will work out for the better.

Less than three weeks to go.

Free House Project - The Launch - Saturday 23rd June 2012 - 4pm to Midnight.