Friday, 22 June 2012

Interview With Samantha Bond

And the final interview with a Free House Project DJ just in time for the launch party on Saturday 23rd June - I hope you enjoy the read:

So, what music are we likely to hear you play?
Deep melodic house in simple terms but I like to jazz it up with other genres and styles if I can and I love a good deep rolling baseline!

Who are your favourite DJs at the moment?
I like to watch the likes of Laura Jones, SubAn, and Hernan Cattaneo & Sven Vath will always be favourites to see, but my tastes vary so the DJs vary with my taste change.

And your favourite producers?
 I enjoy the work of Alex Arnout, Crazy P, AndID,  Lee Jones, mihai popoviciu (but to name a few) which all vary from quite pumping house to very melodic.

What was the first track to get you into house music?
What got me into house music was Agoria (sky is clear) which I brought on vinyl.. I was starting to come out of my nose bleed techno era.

Do you have any embarrassing records in your collection?
Plenty! ha I think I have quite a few "party" vinyl like Body Rox "Yeah Yeah" which I still havent parted with.. back then this record was underground as electro had just hit the dance scene (before it got trashed in the mainstream and I couldnt stand it)

What has been your most calamitous DJing moment?
Playing the same 8 minute track twice... that will waste an hours set time.

And the highlight of your DJ career?
PLaying to 6500 people at the infamous BCM in majorca with a HUGE funktion One system.

Can you cook?  What is your signature dish in the kitchen?
If I want to show off I will cook chicken stuffed with Boirson cheese and sun-dried tomatoes wrapped in parma ham and cooked with fresh thyme and on the vine cherry tomatoes

Do you like partying?
I have been partying since 17, started off as a podium dancer in a hard house nightclub which led onto my DJing passion.  Dont plan on stopping just yet ;)

What is the best ever party you have been to in your life?
There are 2 top parties in my life and one was my first cocoon experience at Amnesia in Ibiza, the other was in Barcelona 2011 at a Sonar off party being held by Mobilee on the rooftop of a hotel.. Panpot and company ROCKED the music til the sun went down and Ive never had the pleasure of such a nice crowd.

Where were you born?
In sunny old Fleet, Hampshire.

Do you have a favourite hidden gem of Reading?
Yes, I love Global Cafe... they play live Jazz (and all other sorts of weird and wonderful music) and have poetry slams and art installations.. it touches my creative side and they have local cider and GREAT Ethiopian food.

Anything else you would like to tell us about?
Mines a Jack and Coke ;)

What inspired your current wonderful hair-style and look?
I have a radical hair dresser who talks me into these haircuts.. I have input but its all his creations and I love his work on my hair for the last 12 yrs. The Andrea Zuccaro.

Is there anything special about Fleet?
Other than my hair dresser? it has a mediocre over priced service station?