Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Interview With YEPIMNICK

Second in the series of DJ interviews in the run-up to the launch this Saturday 23rd June, is our guest coming all the way from the wonderful town of Dartford, YEPIMNICK:

So, what music are we likely to hear you play?
A bit of everything really, I like to bring in some stuff that makes people stop and ask themselves 'what the fuck is this!?' (in the best possible way) then like to bring it home with a track they are sure to know. So expect the unexpected!
Who are your favourite DJs at the moment?
DJ Sneak is doing it for me at the moment, it's funny to watch him rant on Twitter and it's a mystery to think of the stuff he must have in his box.
And your favourite producers?
Disclosure is definitely up there at the moment, loving Lee Foss at the moment and one of my all time favourites Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has just brought out an album which I'm dead excited about.
What was the first track to get you into house music?
Probably 2 People by Jean Jacques Smoothie!  haha, poppy stuff I would hear off of my Mum. Would happily still drop that now, intact I might do for the Free House Project!
Do you have any embarrassing records in your collection?
I have Suzanne Vega- Tom's Diner in there. One day it will come in handy... One day.
What has been your most calamitous DJing moment?
I've had a few. Worst one would definitely be my 18th Birthday, I had a few DJ's in and I said to everyone I would do a set. But I was so smashed by the time I got to my set I could barely see, I fucked up every other tune, I was using the crossfader and for one of the transitions I accidentally pushed it back the wrong way and put it to the Channel I was cuing from. Eventually it got to the point where I said no more and handed over to the next guy. Absolute fucking disaster! Needless to say I won't be drinking that much again before playing.
And the highlight of your DJ career?
My highlight would probably be a recent set I did in the biggest club in our area. Was nice to see a home grown night absolutely blow up, we had about 600+ people in and for people that usually enjoyed chart music, they were absolutely loving it. That was pretty cool, but I'm hoping my highlight is yet to come!
Can you cook? What is your signature dish in the kitchen?
Not really, I wish'ed I could though. I come from a family of good cooks, so maybe one day it will hit me.  Beans on toast - say no more.
Do you like partying?
I LOVE PARTYING, I sometimes let that get in the way of DJ'ing. I always end up mashed after a set.
What is the best ever party you have been to in your life?
Best party ever would have to be a house party I went to when I was about 15 or 16. We bought a pallet of beers, like the ones you get straight from the warehouse. Turned up to this 3 floor b-e-auty of a house. Got there and it was kind of dull, then the girl who's house it was come and asked someone to sort the music out, so I went upstairs and used her computer, downloaded a couple of mixes. Went and whacked it on her sound system and it just went off for a whole night. Got so so messy, every floor you went up just got better and better. Ended when the police turned up at about 3-4ish. Best thing about it is the girl's mum was so pissed off with her about having the party she had her arrested!
Where were you born?
Gravesend, grew up in Dartford though.
What do you know about Reading?
Absolutely fuck all, looking forward to coming and having a look around though.
Tell us about Dartford.
I always thought Dartford had no scene! I'm fortunate enough to have bumped into a couple of people that are progressing it at the minute and I'm beginning to get involved more and more in bringing some Bass & some House in to Dartford. So slowly but surely the place is coming a bit more alive. But mostly, imagine that Jeremy Kyle had a reunion do, where he brought together all of his guests from the show. It would be held in Dartford.
Anything else you would like to tell us about?

I am always on the look to come and play new places! I love to play and I do not know I would do other wise. Getting involved in some local nights at the minute MASS for the House and Ruckus! for the Bass and you are welcome any time! Will also be playing Pacha at the end of July, tickets are available through myself so if you fancy a trip to London then let me know!

Also I've just started a new Facebook page, which is always hard at the beginning. I'm at about 57 likes at the minute, one of them being my Mum. So - come and get involved.